The Program

The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ is a powerful 8-step system for finding, hiring, and training quality HVAC employees. It was developed by an HVAC contractor over a period of 14 years, as he struggled to solve an acute technician hiring problem in his own business. To read the story about how HireBetterNow got started, click here.

The 8-steps of The HireBetterNow Hiring System™

  1. The Position Clarifier™ - carefully defines the job responsibilities.
    A ship at sea needs to have a destination in order to properly plot it’s course. Likewise, in order to find the correct person for a job we need to develop a clear picture of exactly what the job responsibilities are.
  2. The Ideal Candidate™ - generates a description of the ideal candidate for the job.
    Once we clarify the job responsibilities, we can identify the traits needed by an employee to perform that job in a good or excellent manner. By clearly defining the type of person we are looking for, it becomes much easier to find them.
  3. The Attraction Formula™ - turns the ideal candidate description into a powerful employment ad.
    Most employment ads talk about the job. HireBetterNow’s ads talk about the person rather than the job. This allows us to attract applicants who have superior mechanical ability, good people skills and a good attitude and work ethic.
  4. The Hourglass Technique™ - screens applicants on multiple levels to identify the best candidates.
    An hourglass is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Our unique employment ads attract a great number of applicants. These applicants are screened on multiple levels. The more applicants we attract at the top of the hourglass the higher the quality of the candidates when we get to the bottom.

    Applicants are screened to assess aptitude in the following areas.

    - Mechanical ability
    - Intelligence
    - Reading Comprehension
    - Detailed Personality Profile
  5. The Reference Analyzer™ - a unique system to obtain and evaluate employment references.
    One of the most important assessment tools which is available to an employer is to obtain references from previous employers. The reason is because good employees tend to always be good employees and poor employees tend to be always poor employees. In today’s litigious society it is often difficult to get employment references. With our unique Reference Verification System we are able to obtain employment references at least 80% of the time.
  6. The Interviewing Formula™ - systemized interviews to further narrow the field.
    Each finalist for the position is interviewed twice, once by the HireBetterNow team and once by the employer. These interviews are scientifically structured to obtain the maximum amount of important information from the applicant in the shortest period of time.
  7. The Final Decision™ - choosing the best of the best.
    With The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ we screen hundreds of applicants for each open position. Only about 2% of the applicants make it through our screening process to become finalists for the position. The skillset, aptitude and attitude of our finalist pool is always very impressive.
  8. The Mutual Commitment™ - reimbursement agreement for costs of training.
    All employees hired through The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ have the intelligence and superior mechanical ability required to learn at an accelerated rate. Although training a new employee is absolutely necessary, it is a costly proposition. Our program ensures that employers get an appropriate return on their investment by requiring the new employee to sign a reimbursement agreement for the costs of the training.

HBN has a proven track record, that has produced outstanding results for HVAC contractors of all sizes in all demographic areas. The program includes a money-back guarantee, so, if you try it, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.