About HireBetterNow

HireBetterNow was formed in 2001 to make The HireBetterNow Hiring System™,  which was developed by Charles J Brand, available to contractors all over the North America.  His bio is as follows:

Charles J. Brand  is a CPA and an attorney.  He is a partner in the Newton New Jersey law firm of  Dolan & Dolan, P.A.   He has over 20 years of experience managing a family owned fuel and HVAC company.  He developed The HireBetterNow Hiring System to solve an acute technician hiring problem in his own company.  This program has been used by HVAC companies around the country to find, hire and train technicians and other employees too.   

What People Are Saying About HireBetterNow™

The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ has completely changed the way we go about hiring all of our employees. It has enable us to initially attract higher quality candidates through your unique advertising technique. In fact, it has far exceeded anything we have experienced previously and, therefore, we spend much less time in the hiring process in total. This is because we do not talk to candidates who do not have the right qualifications up front.

Your screening tests have proven to be highly successful in bringing to the table only people who have a good attitude, are of good character and have high mechanical ability to learn quickly. We have hired a number of people through the program and they have all worked out well and become an integral part of our organization.

I believe the most important thing that has happened is that when someone leaves I don't get that empty feeling in my stomach wondering how I'm going to replace them. Now that everyone realizes we can hire at will, there has been an overall attitude adjustment throughout the organization.

We are firm believers in The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ and highly recommend it to anyone in our industry looking to improve the quality of the people who represent them in the marketplace.

Christopher Lane for Kerivan-Lane, Inc.

“The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ really works.HBN does all the work and presents us with 5-10 high quality candidates to choose from.The mechanical ability, people skills and attitude of the people they bring to the table is far superior to anyone we were able to find on our own.  In one recent round of hiring we had over 800 applicants for the position.That kind of quantity combined with their unique screening techniques produces outstanding candidates. 

HBN has made a huge difference in our ability to get good people and grow our business. We currently have about 20 employees and approximately half of them have been hired using The HireBetterNow Hiring System™.It has given us the ability to find people with just the skills we need to turn them into excellent HVAC technicians. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about running a successful HVAC company."

Rob Minnick for Minnick's Inc.