What People Are Saying About HireBetterNow

We acquired The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ three years ago and proceeded to hire three technicians using the program. The first thing we were able to accomplish was to attract candidates who had the attributes we were looking for. Until then we could not even attract people to our ads let alone good ones. We followed the program to the letter and were able to hire great people. They are still with us today ad have turned out to be our most productive technicians.

I believe this has turned out so well because HireBetterNow.com showed us how to bring lots of candidates to the table and then screen them to pick the most qualified for final consideration. Then we used the reference verification system to get good reliable background information from previous employers. We sent them to school immediately so they would get a good basic education to build upon.

The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ has worked far beyond our expectations and we highly recommend it to any company looking to hire good qualified people. We have saved precious time and money by hiring the right employees the first time.

Robert Yoder for Farm & Home Company

Through The HireBetterNow Hiring System™, our hiring has become both more efficient and effective.

As you're well aware, finding someone interested in working in 100 degree temperatures installing central air conditioning isn't the easiest task. We've been happy that the program has allowed us to look for employees where other companies wouldn't and provided an avenue to make them excellent technicians.

While hiring still isn't one of my easier jobs, your program has made it more enjoyable and rewarding. Please feel free to refer any potential clients to our company - I'll be glad to tell them about our experience!

Shane A. Weaver for K.E. Weaver, Inc.

This memo is to put in writing our feelings about your The HireBetterNow Hiring System™. It has proven to be the best way to attract applicants to our company and at that point your system enables us to screen them for attitude and mechanical capability to cut down on the number of candidates we go through to get the right person the first time.

The reference verification system has proven to be invaluable in getting reliable references from previous employers. We've learned that a good employee is always a good employee and a bad one continues to be one. Hiring the wrong person is very costly, time consuming and aggravating.

This program is a very organized and successful approach to the hiring process. Any company looking to hire good people would be well served using this method. It has certainly made a huge difference in the way we go about the hiring process. Highly recommended.

Jack Van Doren for Van Doren Co.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial and I am a true advocate of your system.

The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ is a means to a very successful end. We have hired six (6) highly qualified people in our clerical, service and driver departments. All new employees are working out extremely well in our organization and we could not be happier. Their proficiency in learning, because of the results of the initial screening techniques, has given us the ability to train them faster to get them up to speed. Ultimately, we have a quicker return on our investment.

When considering the value of time management, the program has proven to be the only way to eliminate wasted time interviewing the wrong candidates. It is step-by-step, systematic and organized way to hire the right people the first time.

We highly recommend this program to any company who wants a proven and successful method to hire well qualified people that ultimately raise the bar of the entire organization.

Jeffrey Spiegel for SOS Fuels

Skylands Energy began its association with HireBetterNow.com a few years ago and has been using the The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ to recruit, hire and train employees into our delivery, HVAC, office and plumbing departments with great success. The program has consistently helped to attract, select and hire candidates who perform at higher levels than those previously hired. This has enabled us to build an organization that represents my company the way I want it represented.

The HireBetterNow.com concepts gave us a framework to identify individuals with the aptitude, values and traits to succeed in our culture, reduce turnover, and raise the measure of professionalism within our company. It has definitely given us a competitive advantage in our market.

Edward A. Miller for Skylands Energy Service

For years Griffith Energy did what the rest of the industry did to get qualified technicians. We advertised in local newspapers and tried to attract people from other companies. What we found was that we were hiring the problem guys that the other companies were glad to get rid of. And it didn't take long after they were hired to find out why they were available in the first place. The newspapers didn't attract the kind of people were looking for either.

After instituting The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ the first thing that happened is that we began to attract a broader group of applicants than ever before. Then we used the screening tests to find out if they had the attributes we were looking for before hiring them. We tested for mechanical ability before making an investment in someone only to find they didn't have the acumen to learn the skill in the first place. Needless to say the screening methods have made a huge difference in our ability to hire good employees the first time.

Another benefit derived from the program is our present employees now see we have a way to hire people at will. The attitudes have changed now that they know they can be replaced I they don't perform to our standards. What a difference that makes in running our business successfully.

I highly recommend The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ to any company looking to hire good people on an on going basis.

Randy Groft for Griffith Energy Services, Inc.

The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ has completely changed the way we go about hiring all of our employees. It has enable us to initially attract higher quality candidates through your unique advertising technique. In fact, it has far exceeded anything we have experienced previously and, therefore, we spend much less time in the hiring process in total. This is because we do not talk to candidates who do not have the right qualifications up front.

Your screening tests have proven to be highly successful in bringing to the table only people who have a good attitude, are of good character and have high mechanical ability to learn quickly. We have hired a number of people through the program and they have all worked out well and become an integral part of our organization.

I believe the most important thing that has happened is that when someone leaves I don't get that empty feeling in my stomach wondering how I'm going to replace them. Now that everyone realizes we can hire at will, there has been an overall attitude adjustment throughout the organization.

We are firm believers in The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ and highly recommend it to anyone in our industry looking to improve the quality of the people who represent them in the marketplace.

Christopher Lane for Kerivan-Lane, Inc.

George Sherman Corporation has been working with HireBetterNow.com since early 2005. The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ was exactly what we were looking for to help us find and keep quality employees as well as improve our documentation systems.

They have kept in contact with us on an on going basis to insure our continued success hiring the right people the first time.

Initially we attracted a surge of candidates, which was quite rare before this, and their screening methods kept us from talking to candidates who didn't have the qualifications to be considered for the position in the first place. We realized we would have probably hired the wrong people without the program and its screening methods.

The reference verification process is an area that has proven very helpful. Before we began using the HireBetterNow.com system, we rarely got information from a reference. This program has enabled us to get reliable information from previous employers that they otherwise would not feel comfortable revealing.

We are a plumbing and HVAC contractor performing installations and service to private homes and businesses in Southern Delaware. HireBetterNow.com has provided us with a hiring system that definitely gives us a competitive advantage. Because of our success with the program we highly recommend The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ to any company looking to upgrade their method of hiring good employees.

Harold Sheets for George Sherman Corporation

For many years Abbott & Mills used the trial and error method for hiring employees. We were successful about fifty percent of the time. Usually we hired two people with the hopes of keeping one. I'm sure I don't have to explain how costly that can be and when you add training the technician the cost escalates considerably. We knew we needed to make a change but had no idea what direction to go. I read books and searched the internet but found nothing focused on our industry.

When we were approached by The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ I was skeptical. I didn't believe there was any method that would make it possible to hire good people consistently. After the program was explained to us we made a decision to give it a try. We needed to hire two service technicians and put the plan into practice. We followed the program, step-by-step, and achieved 100% success. The two technicians we hired are with us 2 ½ years and have been model employees.

Since then we hired two additional service technicians, an apprentice and three drivers. All have been winners from day one. I can't even guess how much money HireBetterNow.com has saved us with this unique hiring method. Thank you for a wonderful program that has made my job much easier.

Nella Mills-Mahoney for Abbott & Mills

Before purchasing The HireBetterNow Hiring System™, attracting and hiring qualified personnel for our business used to be a very time consuming and unpleasant experience. We did not have a successful way of going about the process and usually hired the wrong people the first time.

Ever since we began using The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ we have been able to hire people who are more qualified with better attitudes. It takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. I can honestly say that the Program has given us peace of mind knowing that we can hire good people whenever we have to. It has also helped the attitude of our other employees now that they know that we're able to replace them if they don't perform at a high level.

The people at HireBetterNow.com have been very responsive to our ongoing questions and extremely helpful when needed. The Program has made a big difference to our company.

Robert Vaughan for Vaughan Heating & Air Conditioning

We have found The HireBetterNow Hiring System™, with it's unique screening techniques, to be the most successful way to hire qualified employees the first time. It has been an education for our company to be able to hire people with the right attitude and mechanical qualifications at will.

There is nothing in our industry that equals The HireBetterNow Hiring System™. This is a proven method that really works. We believe that this unique hiring program allows us to uplift the quality of our organization going forward and gives us a competitive edge in our market. Any company looking to take the hiring process to a level never before available would be well served implementing The HireBetterNow Hiring System™.

Tom Duffey for Kelley Energy

“The HireBetterNow Hiring System™ really works.HBN does all the work and presents us with 5-10 high quality candidates to choose from.The mechanical ability, people skills and attitude of the people they bring to the table is far superior to anyone we were able to find on our own.  In one recent round of hiring we had over 800 applicants for the position.That kind of quantity combined with their unique screening techniques produces outstanding candidates. 

HBN has made a huge difference in our ability to get good people and grow our business. We currently have about 20 employees and approximately half of them have been hired using The HireBetterNow Hiring System™.It has given us the ability to find people with just the skills we need to turn them into excellent HVAC technicians. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about running a successful HVAC company."

Rob Minnick for Minnick's Inc.